Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Facebook Marketing Fail

Facebook advertising is a great way to build your company's following. It's a cost effective way to get people engaged with your brand and eventually turn them into customers. The other day I saw how not to do this:

Ottawa Senators or Villanova Dental Studio?
This one is a little misleading. I actually thought to myself, I already 'Like' the Senators on Facebook, why am I seeing this again. Upon closer inspection, it is actually for a dentist's office here in Ottawa.

The only way Villenova Dental Studio is related to the Ottawa Senators would be if you got hit in the mouth with a puck at one of their games and needed some new teeth.

This company is trying to build their following, I get it. However the way this ad is structured, people are not liking Villanova Dental, they are liking a completely seperate brand. I understand all of marketing has a certain element of bait and switch, however like everything, there are certain boundaries that need to be observed.

Why not offer up some great dental hygiene tips or offer a deal on a common service that you provide (whitening anyone?). Although dentistry might not be as exciting as the Senators, there are other options to build your following while still attracting the RIGHT people who might actually turn into customers.


  1. this dentist clearly understands how getting likes and shout outs will further his brand. I find nothing wrong with this. Every time someone liked that pic he got more traffic to his page.

  2. You are exactly right that getting likes and people engaged on Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool. I am a huge believer in social media, and have seen its impact first hand. My point in this post was that there is a difference in traffic, and the right traffic. In my opinion, it is a FAR stretch to get people to like your brand (dental), by asking them to like a completely separate brand (hockey).

  3. Facebook advertising can be a brilliant way of getting your name out there to the people you want to see it. When you think about how many people are on Facebook, the chances are that your target market are on there too.

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