Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pre-Show Tradeshow Email WIN

I recently attended the Marketo Summit in San Francisco, and was bombarded by the typical pre-show emails telling me to come to their booth and win an iPad. Then I got this email, and at first I thought I had an epic Marketing fail on my hands, but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Mary Firme. Checkout those earrings. Amazing.

Hi Pierce,

In case you are being inundated with the same AMAZING marketing emails that I am, I thought I would share an easy cut and paste you can use for your replies:

"Hi - Yes I am excited to go to {(Marketo Summit)}, thanks for asking {(unnamed sales rep who never contacted me before)}. It will be life-changing!

And yes - Your booth sounds amazing, too. Your incredibly creative {(ipad)} giveaway is sure to be a great traffic builder. You'll be demoing? At your booth? Who would a thunk it? Yes, your solution will certainly change my demand generation life – or would if you understood my {(buyer persona)} {(company revenues)} {(experience using Marketo)}."

Oh yes, those sales guys. We hire email copywriters for a reason, yo.

So, no cheesy emails. Just saying if you really want to get something valuable at the summit, check out what you can pick up from me at ReachForce, Booth 36.

And yes, that is the 8-incher. Nothing but the best from ReachForce.

See you in class {(at Marketo University)} {(taking my certification exam)} at our Booth {(36)} as we introduce {(fully Marketo integrated continuous data quality management including lead de-deuplication and automated merge)} as part of our new Connected Marketing Data Hub and as I present {(Will the real lead please stand up? Tips and tricks to a great set of data")}.

Mary Firme, Chief Lead Accelerator
ReachForce | Connected Marketing Data Hub
(512) 327-9000
Email: |

*and of course, we are not giving away free beer any night but Monday, and as for the gold, that's what you'll find in your data after working with ReachForce!!


Anyways, it was so great I had to share it. Don't be afraid to be different guys. I spoke to Mary at the show and she said she had a 42% open rate (subject line: Marketo Summit - Free Beer, Gold for Everyone!), 37.5% clickthrough rate and only a 0.9% unsubscribe. But the biggest indicator is something you couldn't measure at all, and that is the fact that everyone at the show was talking about this email. Epic Marketing Win.


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  4. Hi Pierce! Thanks for sharing your experience. I would also love to attend the summit this year. I was supposed to attend last year's summit but something came up.


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  6. Wow! Looks awesome. I'm glad that you've attended the summit. I am from the branding division and summits such as this is one of the perks.

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